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Busy buyers shop auctions in LouisvilleAuction Professionals of Kentucky, LLC in Louisville Offers Many Buyer Benefits including:

  • Fair and respectful treatment.
  • Assurance the sale will take place on the advertised date.
  • The auction will start on time.
  • Immediate and full disclosure, of all facts and information pertaining to the assets or property, will be disseminated before bidding begins.
  • Purchase price will be just one bid above what others buyers are willing to pay for the asset.
  • You have the opportunity to watch the market in action.
  • Registration, at the auction, automatically places a potential buyer on our e-mail auction alert and mailing lists for future auctions.
  • Auction Professionals of Kentucky, LLC can enter into a trade agreement, which guarantees a buyer’s assets in advance of the auction.  This eliminates the risk of owning two properties, should the buyer become the successful bidder.

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What is an Auction?

Auction Professionals of Ky - Video - What is an Auction?


Victorian Home Auction
Judy Sanders

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